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Pagata Garden is a company based on years of passion. The passion turned into a hobby which resulted in founding a business into which we put our hearts, soul and experience.

At Pagata Garden we manufacture concrete garden barbecues. We improved the grilling process to be less laborious, easy and pleasant. Innovative solutions, new technologies and high quality materials let us create reliable and durable products that have excellent operational function and are easy to maintain, so they can serve you for years.

Days and nights spent in the workshop, extensive research and hundreds of tested ideas have lead us to the stage where we can successfully use our innovative solutions.

Everything that leaves our company is tested and made of high quality, durable materials. Your neighbours will be admiring not only our barbecues looks but also their functionality.

Various configurations guarantee the multifunctionality of the product. The simplicity and quality of materials used assure the reliability and ease of use.